Workplace Safety

To support and develop safe practices in the work place. Help with workplace safety and protect assets from potential liabilities with programs to lower exposure. Slow law suit actions and litigation with some common overlooked workplace practices of employees and proper steps to educate and train. Bring proven measures for the business owners/ managers to take the steps for potential violence in the work place.

Save hard earned revenue and hundreds of hours of valuable time with efficient ways to discover how to practice most safety issues and protect your business by creating a safe working environment. Increase the knowledge on safety in the workplace with a promise not to waste precious time for the employees.

The workplace program option is available to address the safety concerns in today’s changing environment of workplace danger. Detailed safety program overview will conform by disclosing education to the unique workplace situation and in belief to have every contingency covered and being protected under the law.

You can receive strong, updated recommendations and have solutions to accomplish desired results.

The offered program for business owners to upgrade utilizes use of command /executive staff coded passwords, involves higher level security measures, corporate espionage update briefings, effective measures on employee pilferage, and other options as requested for one time investment of $1,500 to include added training segments in a comprehensive plan and will be ongoing for a period of 3 months.

Design an effective system to concentrate on what you do best. Discover topic issues to address which are missing from management guidelines, organizational manuals, policies, procedures or rules.

Safeguard against threats of corporate espionage or loss of confidential marketing plans or strategies, and protect irreplaceable financial records of your business. Have emergency contingency planning steps and procedures in place for bomb threats, disasters, fire, physical altercations, shootings, or terrorist activity.

Safe measures to customers or employees in workplace during work hours? Aware of risks in the business where dangerous activity can happen quickly and without warning? Adequate crime prevention measures in place to avert criminal activity or behavior? Visible deterrents to prevent harm or effective steps taken to eliminate most criminal mischief, theft, or vandalism on your property during hours open or closed?

Perpetrators gain access to storage or any facilities without being detected? If staff is confronted? Top management staff create miscommunication problems? How about hardships in dereliction of duty?

Take action to find overlooked mistakes. Correct to avoid the loss of assets, help prevent a complete financial wipe out and or bankruptcy proceedings. Plan for your business management on creating and promoting the protection you deserve and stay out of court with employee negligence behavior can stop.

Have the training and mindset to deal with the details which elude most people. Limit your risk exposure and value the right protection you deserve. Actively deal with crimes made against business owners.

Obtain a free consultation in order to discuss a program for workplace safety enhancement strategies.

A consultation and evaluation is available. Take action and call 407-734-5883 for more information.