Wait For Your Check

Orlando private investigators can audit several government agency documents, files and records to locate abandoned, lost and unclaimed funds being held for potential clients and submit claim(s) to recover funds due to them. Often this can be tens of thousands of dollars owed to them. Potential clients do not even realize such funds exist and permanently taken by the government after a period of time. 1st American Protection works to verify the funds or property taken by government agencies and pursues to verify what belongs to the client. To prevent loss of these funds, clients need to discover and identify their ownership in recovering these funds or property being held without their knowledge. If money belongs to the clients, correct claims are filed with substantiated identification in a timely manner and funds can be returned.

Lost money commonly known as unclaimed property is comprised of financial assets left inactive by the owner for at least three years. The law requires the rightful owner have an attempt made to contact them using last known address before the government takes possession. Orlando private investigators have specific staff licensed by Florida to participate by conducting an immediate nationwide search for clients.

Recoveries of funds or property received to the clients are predicated on a set contract contingency basis.

Begin by making a request on “Contact Us ” page to start the paperwork to authorize filing your claim(s).

Never any requirement for upfront cost or hidden fees to the client, no matter the amount of claims filed.

Wait for the check with little work performed on your part. Read some advance documents sent to you.

You have opportunity for attorney or legal advice or council to review these agreements and documents.  

Claiming your lost money

Government agencies have only allowed a certain period of time for you to file a claim. Do not delay help.

Clients do not owe anything for the efforts made if the funds or property are not collected or recovered. 

No guarantee of any kind is implied in any case, or for any claim filed to recover these unclaimed funds.

Orlando private investigators have staff licensed by the State of Florida as “locators” to assist clients to recover funds due to them. A portion of the funds retrieved are retained by 1st American Protection in a percentage as set by law in various states.  Authorization to represent clients and act to file claims in their name requires completing and returning a few forms as “power of limited attorney” and “contingent fee service agreement” to accept clients for researching efforts to acquire your money and begin the process.