Private Investigation Firm In Central Florida

1st American Protection is a Private Investigation firm in Central Florida. Providing experienced, licensed, regulated, skilled, and trained professional investigators to help you. Services are identified to best help your specific situation.

Investigative services range from a broad spectrum of assisting clients on an individual or commercial basis.

Executive Protection

1st American Protection, provides dependable assistance for clients with convenient, dependable, professional, and reliable measures. Your personal protection is provided and encompasses a spectrum of security by arranging for your transportation.

Executive protection agents can be very discrete in the background and serve as administrative assistants for business settings or be available for social situations. 

VIP Security Exports

1st American Protection can assist your institution or firm with these services. Your organization has a responsibility for security risk considerations for clients. Build a reputation and ensure you can dominate as the leader in your industry.

Let professional experience help security risk considerations give peace of mind. Protect your client(s) and staff by using preventive operations, so you stay focused on the business.

Personal Protection

Personal protection is exclusively arranged for you and your family members. This is the first and most vital priority given above all the other services.

With proper planning and guidance, you can choose to overcome a loss and survive any direct attack or imminent risk threat to your safety or well being.

Safety Measures & Precautions

After all, no one can take yourself preservation as seriously as you do. You need to be alerted to the safety measures and precautions for the pending danger and violence taking place in society today.

1st American Protection

Professional Organizations

No private investigator can specialize in every aspect or field in this profession. Very good investigators will maintain a close network of subject matter experts when an assignment or caseload has the potential to reach beyond their training expertise.

By joining professional organizations to keep in touch with other speciality investigators around the country, a network is established on various subject matter by proven speciality experts to deliver great service to you.

Professional Investigators

Value is added to augment a through research discovering a witness, third party liability, or high valued assets on increasing judgments or settlements.

It is essential to use professional investigators on due diligence or litigation cases. Choose 1st American Protection for complete investigation services.

You Are Assisted

Investigation Services Covers:

  • Suspected stealing
  • Asset protection
  • Home protection
  • Privacy protection and online protection
  • Asset checks
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Backgrounds
  • Pre-employment
  • Corporate
  • Drunk driving defense
  • Due diligence
  • Executive protection
  • Body guard
  • General Investigations
  • Skip trace
  • Surveillance
  • Swimming & scuba accidents