Leading the Field in Protection

Love and passion grew by law enforcement career dedicated to help and protect others. Wish to continue this and teach safety tips to provide  education, effort, and experience to help protect around the clock.

The specialties of investigators include asset protection education, background investigation / pre-employment, bug sweeping, all corporations, crime prevention, drunk driving defense, due diligence, dignitary / executive or VIP protection, embezzlement and fraud detection, ,gather documents of evidence / facts, general investigations, home security checks, pilferage, privacy programs, recovery operations, searches for relevant information, security control measures for various business, commercial, convention or residential events, facilities or close monitoring of guests / visitors, security executive escorts, skip tracing, security training, social media discovery, civil or criminal cases, video and audio footage.

Additional specialties are asset checks, evidence, locating hiding debtors, subjects, key witnesses or vital individuals by implementing modern investigative techniques. Proprietary databases are used to insure location finding.  vast experience in criminal defense, personal injury, acquisition in critical and detailed documentation records, statements, surveillance services by use of covert video equipment technology, and swimming / scuba investigations.

Investigator Byron Fain Pershing, hold Florida State University criminal justice, criminology, & graduate work to masters in public administration. Florida Highway Patrol auxiliary state trooper & first sergeant before joining Florida Legislative Security as Special Agent. Transferred to Florida Capitol Police, a division of Florida Department of Law Enforcement as uniformed police officer, investigator, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant and district supervisor. Attorney General’s Office certified crime prevention practitioner, 5 years Leon County Sheriff’s Office dive team. 14 years Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputy sheriff reserve unit. 20 years US Army Reserve Military Police in criminal investigations division, physical security, terrorism, deputy provost marshal with temporary brigadier general appointment. Former national coordinator, US government contractor recruiting criminal background investigators. 5 years on Security & Investigations Inc. executive administrative staff and security officer instructor. 7 years member with Florida Association of Licensed Investigators and 2 years rccognition as a Florida Board Certified Instructor.

Volunteer fundraiser United Way campaign. W.E.H.E. Foundation Inc. non profit organization on board of directors as vice chairman. CPR & First Responder instructor, American Red Cross & American Heart Association. Search & Rescue mission pilot U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Miami Senior Squadron. Blue Knights law enforcement motorcycle club. Experience in private and public sector.

Investigator Bennie Murphy 25 years professional experience in private investigations and security services. Holds Bachelor’s degree with emphasis on private investigation and holds a Florida license as security officer, private investigator, Agency A & B license, and manager license to operate Murphy Service LLC. A Florida licensed Notary and Transportation Contractor providing services for businesses, corporations or private client venues. Background & skills included positions as Orange County process server, intern and employee with Orange County Public defender’s office. Former project supervisor and security consultant with Brantley and Associates, for Orange County Convention Center operations.

Bennie serves position on the W.E.H.E. Foundation Inc. 501 (c) (3) non profit organization in the Orlando, Florida community as Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

Investigator Luc France 23 years law enforcement career to France Investigations LLC. specializing in criminal defense and surveillance. Luc, US Army 4 year veteran prior to 3 years Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department. Later with New York State Police as trooper to enforce local laws, patrol highways and promoted to investigator. Assigned narcotics unit, then special investigations to handle felony criminal cases. Worked court process on case development involving court admissible evidence & testimony. Expert forensic data analysis, interviews, interrogations, physical and electronic surveillance & research. Specialized criminal defense training, New York State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigative School. Experienced in dignitary protection, designated FBI Special Federal Officer and Deputized Drug Enforcement Agent. Worked in criminal defense, surveillance, forensic data analysis, interviews, interrogations, physical & electronic surveillance and research. Specializing in criminal defense working in Public Defenders Office.

Investigator Victoria Bolduc holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Metropolitan University with graduate work on second Master’s Degree. Graduated Cum Laude and former university professor with University of Phoenix with many fields of expertise in the private and public sector with awards and affiliations in a variety of endeavors. A high energy level in administrative support, business consultant, vast background in accounting, finance and management. Florida licensed private investigation agency owner of Recovering Treasures Inc. She conducts private investigations of many kinds, including comprehensive background, social media, and finance / accounting.  Florida Treasury Registered Locator for unclaimed funds and other assets / monies.

Clients with private investigative services are held in a confidential, private and strict status and protected by Florida law from disclosure of  identity.

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