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The first division of 1st American Protection is the private investigative agency. State of Florida certified, dedicated, experienced, licensed, regulated, skilled and trained professional investigators to help the client(s) to identify which services would apply in the circumstances or specific situation. These investigative services range from a wide spectrum of assisting client(s) on an individual or commercial basis, for enabling your particular needs to deal with circumstances. issues, predicaments, setbacks or situations requiring one of the many available services.

The lists of services can range from conducting background investigations on your attorneys, baby sitters, business potential clients, customers, or partners, debtors, doctors, employees, financial advisers, health care or nurses, lost relatives, missing persons, physicians, potential dating partner, spouse, lease or rental tenants and wealth care managers. Other investigations handle due diligence, assist on missing heirs, persons, probate related matters, and uncover difficult information for you.

Investigators help in process serving, tenant and employee screening, uncover stolen research in the work place. Staff can specialize in counter-surveillance, protect against corporate espionage, exposed trade secrets or deliberate sabotage.

Professional private investigators can assist and guide efforts to track down confidential copyright infringement or help discover internal theft and vandalism. The business of securing evidence to be used in civil or criminal cases and the preparation thereof.  The causes and/or origin of accidents, damage, injuries, losses, and possible location in the full recovery of lost or stolen real or personal property.

Professional investigators give assistance to check child custody cases to discover and verify proper care and supervision is adequately provided for the children.

A very common service for private investigators is to collect evidence with the proof of infidelity for cheating spouses, with surveillance and recording of video documentation for the unfaithful martial or partner relationships. These services are discreet with findings to be kept as much as possible to 100 % confidentiality.

The client should never tell anyone of hiring a private investigative agency to any co-workers, family, friends or close neighbors to enable better and quicker results.

Another service being provided is the skip tracing. Most have never heard of a skip trace and never will. A skip trace is a detailed search of multiple data sources not available to the general public giving specific information to help you locate “lost” or hard to find individuals or business / property owners.  This will enable you to locate individuals you are seeking, giving enough current identifying information.

Hiring a private investigative agency begins after an in-depth analysis with a free one on one consultation to help determine the best course of action and services.

With the expense in consideration, extent of involvement requiring the use of two or more investigators, client’s urgency time line, hours of extended surveillance,  amount of travel expenses to various locations, the mutual agreement of services, the requested anticipated length of days to conclude the investigation, the expenses and fees with the best cost estimate to the client, the official contract placed order is accepted and implemented with everything spelled out in the contract agreement.

Private investigator work is billed generally on an hour rate plus collected state sales tax rate of 6.5%. This hourly rate fluctuates depending on the amount needed or required for interviews and amount of required video surveillance conducted.

The incurred cost to client includes administrative, (with final supervisor review on report) field investigative, research and travel time. The expenses charged are for out of town, depending on the location, lodging as required, airline or rental vehicle use, and travel mileage of 30 cents per mile after reaching the free 150 mile limit.

A non-refundable retainer of 50 % of quoted fees by cash or certified check will initiate contract after preparation of the necessary paperwork is completed.

Have you read, reviewed or seen enough information on some of the available services listed?  If your decision is yes, then take advantage of this benefit and begin having this service working for you or your business. Thank you for visiting.

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