Suspected Stealing

Have private investigators assist top management / owners in food and beverage establishments to uncover criminal activity for unaccounted losses and theft.

Clients may suspect members of staff for embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, proliferation, snatching, stealing and deliberate theft of property or receipts.

Unexplained losses of income are prevalent in a place of business where many alcoholic beverages are served or sold on the premises to deprive the owner.

Opportunity for staff discretion to deliver food or beverages to paying or non paying patrons may lack accountability and needs monitoring in the system to collect proper charges. In a busy, hectic or loud bar, lounge, pub, restaurant, saloon or tavern, management oversight in staff practices is subject to loose control.

Questions on missed receipts collected in cash register or cards processing?

Know the bottom line cost to business operations when complimentary food and drinks are given daily by your staff?  Does any inventory checks come up short? Perceive a problem with felonious activities and need oversight? What is the consequences in terms of cost to your staff job performance regarding their attitude, morale and retention by the frequent or unlawful confiscation of your staff member service tips? Discover any staff problems you experience.

Become a satisfied client with Orlando private investigators for conducting your staff surveillance for corrective measures with Orlando private investigators. Confirm, verify and substantiate any claims or suspicious activities. Collect the evidence and obtain video reports for any corrective measures or legal action.

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