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Your home can be dangerous because you are spending much of your time there.

There are over 2 million home invasions each year. During the next 20 years the chances you will become a victim will increase to 50%.  Being security conscious and creating a deterrence will lower the chances. You can engage a few strategies to reduce this risk by thinking of security as a daily and essential part of safe living.

A criminal will be looking to find the home with the least amount of security and resistance. This begins with the point of entry, the doors first and then window openings. The search is for easy and undetectable access, so do not allow your home to be a temptation for the criminal. Reinforce and strengthen all doors and windows. A door is only as good as its frame. Construction is not as reliable as it should be and does requires supporting the frame and the use of dead bolt locks.

Replace front doors with a large amount of glass and use hardened metal doors with reinforced hinges and 3 inch screws for your strong locks.  Consider having a metal protection cover surrounding the hard metal striking plate and adding more hinges to avoid penetration with “spreading devices” used to pry the door from the frame. Installation and quality of exterior door and window locks are important.

“Preventive Measures”

Remove any ladders or bricks in the yard to prevent the criminal using as tools to break a window or climb upstairs to easy access. Trim low hanging tree limbs or  branches and be sure to always maintain the home exterior in good appearance.

Place a security alarm system and dog warning sign in view from the front yard.

Arrange to stop the deliveries of mail and newspapers or have them picked up.

Make your home look occupied and have your lawn cut if on an extended stay.

Request a trusted friend or a neighbor to park their vehicle(s) in your driveway.

Do not be advertising your absence or mention going away on a trip or vacation.

Set your lights on a timer switch to fluctuate both interior and exterior lighting.

Consider an established alarm system provider upon company reference check.

Display the house numbers where they are visible from the street,  day or night.

Remember these extra measures will make your home less attractive and inviting.

“Home Security Tips”

Instruct your children to be cautious when answering the phone. They should not release information concerning if they are alone or who is not home, when parents will return, or reveal their age, name, phone number, or street address to unknown telephone callers. Instructions are to be very careful when opening the front door.

Do not give out any unnecessary personal information. Have the home phone speed dialed so children can dial the programmed numbers of your neighbors, family, friends or emergency services for quick assistance. Give out proper instructions to your children on how to quickly report any problems to police or fire rescue.

Some criminals will attempt to disguise their intentions with pretending to be from the cable or utilities company, making a delivery of flowers or food, had a vehicle break down, be lost or asking for directions, a glass of water or to use the phone.

They may attempt to distract you at the front door and have a partner break into the back door. Criminals may be alone or work in pairs and have been known to have even children to knock on the door claiming to be looking for a lost pet.

Confirm any unexpected appointments for service and recheck credentials or ID card. Confirm their identity and do not call the number on a business card they provide you, but a number from the phone directory or confirmed with a website.

Use peep hole on the door and be very careful if you decide on opening the door.

The investment in the Home Security Program with added information is $100.00.

Home Security Check is a service report available for extended out of town trips.

Take time to appreciate what you have done. You have raised your perspective. 

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