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This service of personal protection for you and family is foremost and vital to personal safety above all other services provided by 1st American Protection.

Should you take 15 minutes to cover an important subject, personal safety? Is the life of your family worth 15 minutes? Are you sick and tired of hearing the media mention crime in headlines daily? Safety is essential and a priority for everyone.

With proper planning and guidance, you can choose to overcome and survive any attack or imminent threat to your safety. After all, no one can possibly take yourself preservation as seriously as you do. You need to be alerted to the safety measures and precautions for the pending danger and violence taking place in society today.

“Do not become a victim”

You are very serious about your personal protection, and should be. The average American has a 1 in 250 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime every year.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, facts are showing 1 out of every 5 homes this year and on will be the victim of a break-in or home invasion. 38% of the violent assaults and 60% of rapes committed will occur during home invasions.

Did you know 70% of home invasions occur through a doorway and 65% are taking place in the day time? Protecting yourself and your loved ones from a dangerous world carries serious responsibility. The encroachment of crime is aimed straight for you and your family. Don’t become a victim with a target painted on your back.

“Protect Yourself”

A violent crime is being committed every seventeen seconds. Random violence has now become a way of life in the inner city with drugs and gangs. Your society has become a very dangerous place in which to live in and raise your children. You will experience being at the mercy of disturbed predators, criminals, creeps and crazies.

When you no longer can rely on society for protection, the law of survival means you must take care of it yourself. You must provide for your own safety. You must use effective defense techniques and must depend on distinctive self-protection.

In a world of many litigation and lawsuits, it is recommended to review information necessary on asset protection for safeguarding finances.

“No More Guesswork”

No more time for guesswork. You must avoid physical or verbal confrontations and attempt to stay away from dangerous people, places, scenarios and bad situations.

Are you truly mentally or physically prepared or ready for an armed (weapons) or unarmed confrontation at a location caught off guard or when you least expect it with a crazed thug, high on drugs, demanding your valuables and threatening your very life with great bodily harm, maybe even permanent serious injury or death?

Is your lifestyle lacking the security steps? Want to master this situation, and improve your lifestyle to include a high security level alertness? You can freeze your daily movements, remain locked all day in a tight fortress, and avoid others.

You can study manuals on self-defense techniques which are well and good, but not everyone is going to master the techniques, or even develop the necessary skills.

Make life easier and safer, do not take chances on your family, your business or your work place to allow a perpetrator make you or them a victim of violent crime.

“There is Good News”

There is some good news. Take control of your life and have a plan for total control.

Acquiring proper information is essential to making a wise choice. Quickly consider the following: most steps taken are reactive instead of proactive. Take the situation in a sudden confrontation, deciding whether to run or fight, you evacuate the area.

You should decide ahead to take the correct steps and be proactive in your safety precautions. You can have a good self defense program as your first line of defense.

You have options based on interviews to assess your current protection measures.

“Be in Control”

This is a comprehensive $200.00 training program available with a follow up for 2 months. The training will be repetitively based several times over to form habits.

The Police are not required to respond to protect you as an individual. There are 2 U.S. Supreme Court rulings which removes responsibility from law enforcement agencies to quickly respond after your urgent summons for a crime in progress or highly suspect a crime is about to be committed. Society no longer protects the overall general population and consequently cares little on protecting the rights of each individual. The crime rate has risen to where 4 out of every 5 people in this country will now fall as a victim to a serious or violent crime, within their lifetime.

“No One Has the Right to Hurt you”

Do you know how Ted Bundy used to get young women in his car to murder them?

He would walk around with a leg cast on and when a young woman was around he then would “accidentally” drop his keys. When the young woman bent over to pick up his keys, he would strike her hard in the head and knock her out with his cast.

Do you know what to do if someone grabs you from behind in a bear hug? Do you know the 10 quick movements or ways to quickly escape from the deadly bear hug?

Do you know the first course of action to take when starting your vehicle and then see in the rear view mirror an object placed on the outside of the rear window?

Do you know how to respond when pulling away in your vehicle and hear loud and strange noises coming from the rear bumper of your vehicle? You had better know.

Do you depend on pepper spray as a deterrent to protect you as walking alone to your vehicle? Do you know the criminals just go face down and still attack you?

Do you allow others to approach while pumping fuel in your vehicle and insist on selling perfume by having you take a smell from a cloth to then knock you out.

While walking to your car in a parking lot and hearing an elderly voice in a back seat calling out for help. When leaning in the rear widow, your purse is snatched.

Your vehicle driver’s side is parked next to a windowless van in a parking lot. As you are not paying attention, unlock and open your door, suddenly the van side door swings open and you are grabbed by two men who throw you into the van.

What will your family members do without you? An untimely death because of no regard to personal safety. It happens every single day and to one out of every five.

You are taking a huge risk when you use your vehicle remote locking key attached to your key chain. The latest robbery tactic around the country is the recent use of a device which will record and clone the signal. When you press the button to lock your doors, they capture it and when you walk away for a few minutes they have access to your security code to open your vehicle. Manually lock your cars doors.

Treat your personal safety with the great respect it deserves. Find and implement a program you can depend on with absolute trust. (No one has the right to hurt you.)

Do not gamble, take a chance or ever allow your family or yourself to be one of the 14,000 victims being seriously hurt, sustaining life threatening injuries, receiving emotional or mental trauma or even death by criminal behavior, random shootings, or the violent perpetrators here in the United States taking place every day.

You have discovered a solution to a problem. Focus on it and do not forget it. Then ask how much is my family’s life worth to me? Enough for you to protect them?

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