Executive Protection

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Executive Protection Operations, to provide you corporate, executive or VIP service.

To provide very dependable assistance for every client(s) with convenient, dependable, professional, reliable measures giving the source of personal protection and encompass a spectrum of security by arranging land transportation.

The executive protection operations is expanding to offer personal protection agents service for clients and guests who wish the travel mode of corporate or personal aircraft. Requested security service for clients on domestic flights can be supplemented with the solid networking source of executive protection agents.

Are you considering the use of executive protection to obtain a level of protection for a certain event, to strengthen security measures, or for threat precautions?

An executive protection agent can be very discrete in the background and serve as an administrative assistant for business settings or for social situations as needed.

They prepare in advance for potential actions of intruder(s) or perpetrator(s) with expectations of specific targeted locations. Agent’s role is guard client and client’s party to evade potential threat or to remove the client from any source of danger.

“Factors you should consider when making choices.”

You as client or client designee can request particular needs whether full time, 24 hour around the clock protection, depending on the travel or location site, on air or ground transportation for travel in Florida or for out of state destinations.

You as client or client designee can request a “low profile” versus a “high profile” protection. This can be flexible depending on the location and the preference of the life style of the client. The situation may require its own analysis to determine one.

The level of protection for client(s) can be dependent on the level of a perceived or potential threat or increase of escalation of threats. A serious concern may require a full protection team. The level of threat assessment measures will be evaluated.

Prior arrangements can be made to meet with you or your party upon arrival in a planned conference, destination, event, function, hotel, or most any work location.

This service will provide an option for another layer of personal protection.

“Start you planning and do not delay”

You are requested to avoid delays in making prior arrangements as many services require extensive coordination and detailed planning in advance to furnish you the requested services and to locate the most qualified personnel for your itinerary.

Explore Orlando private investigators with other companies and conduct your own hard research. 1st American Protection will provide a cost breakdown and range of services. Giving you step-by-step instructions on procedures to open an account and enable you to determine what is the best use of funds for the choice of services.

This will be an important decision in choosing the correct protective services.

Call when you are ready to discuss your personal safety and protection. You can have answers to your concerns or questions about the range of services, with no commitment or obligation on your part. Then you can discover the vast wealth of information and services available to you as a client in protection requirements.

You can consider temporary family or personal protection around-the-clock 24 hours or according to your needs or depending on your individual circumstances.

Take the time and discover the level of services available from visible deterrent measures, safety detail teams, to more advanced security or protection operations.

You have discovered a good solution to a problem. Focus on it and do not forget it. One important question. How much is my life worth? Enough to safely protect it?

Have you read, reviewed or seen enough information on some of the available services listed? If you decision is yes, then take advantage of this benefit to start having this service begin working for you or your company. Thank you for visiting.

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