Domestic or Foreign Safety

Bringing safety training in a broad range of expertise from local, state, federal, and international law enforcement professionals with a complex security staff. Ranging from conducting criminal, extortion, fraud, judicial, kidnapping, intelligence, maritime, money laundering and in smuggling investigations.

The staff of state and federal certified instructors have broad experience in forensic audits, cargo, ship and port security operations, computer and forensic computer Investigations. Additionally, background in international negotiations, physical security, technical surveillance, threat assessments and have instructed in courses used to train the state certified hostage negotiators with large law enforcement agencies.

Presently developing a kidnapping and extortion course of 35 hours for corporate personnel and staff several guidelines after any events to assist the authorities. The course includes use for Latin America.

The course training concise requirements includes a brief history and methods of kidnapping and extortion, judicial Investigation (investigative techniques), legal process, prevention steps, rescue operations perspective, address electronic countermeasures, computer assisted programs, and functions of appointed liaison on negotiations with local authorities on public relations and statements to press coverage. Includes officers, prosecutors, psychologists and accounts by former kidnapped victims.

This training course agenda is adaptable and can be in conjunction with the provided commercial export consulting services, and to adapt as needed, classes on subjects for auto and personal protection measures, which client may encounter. To provide current and professional information on foreign countries.  The service or training course can be arranged with notification of one week to set up appropriate personnel assignments for travel and ensure proper steps to prepare clients for any potential crisis situation.

A consultation and evaluation is available. Take action and call 407-734-5883 for more information.