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Services Being Offered By 1st American Protection

Seeking professional services of a private investigative agency in Central Florida?

Have an issue or problem and need a private investigator to handle your concerns?

 1st American Protection will help handle important decisions to relieves your problem.

Discover easy, fast and successful solutions to your concerns by calling today.


Avoid most failures and risks with a plan to eliminate your major concerns.

Experience and feel the great success to resolve problems with positive results.

Engage services with confidence and have a guide to not be a victim of bad consequences.

Wish for a better and safer life for loved ones? Save time and money by calling today.


What is the character, intentions, real identity or reputation of this recent family friend?

Operating an investigative and security services agency, to make your life safe and simple.

Safeguard yourself and family members with professional education. Be sure to call today.

1st American Protection

Get Expert Advice & Reliable Investigation In Criminal Elements

1st American Protection is a licensed, professional, and private investigation firm to help you accomplish favorable results with criminal elements. 1st American Protection helps businesses, corporations or individuals to improve their safety measures to limit the risk exposure of all sorts of crime in the work place.

Three Divisions To Deliver Clients’ Requirements

  • Private investigative agency offers a multitude of services.
  • Security operations agency protects your properties.
  • Executive VIP & self-protection segments take care of you.
1st American Protection

Services Available

  • Self-defense strategies
  • Security services
  • Personal defense training programs
  • Professional private investigator solutions

The three divisions deliver superb service to client(s). The first division is the private investigative agency to offer a multitude of services. The second division is the security operations agency to protect property. The third division is executive / VIP and self-protection segments. Self-defense strategies and training tips are offered to help clients missing vital education or experience.

Each Division Can Offer The Client

  • Provides an In-depth survey for guidance to handle the alarming increasing rate of fraud or violence.
  • Creates a plan to assist clients after investigations.
  • Steps for giving protection against present and future conflicts with crime prevention steps for safety concerns or self-protection measures to give better peace of mind.
1st American Protection
1st American Protection

Solutions to Problems

1st American Protection has the experience to give solutions to your problems, not just another product or service. Discover 1st American Protection is qualified to address your urgent issues. Good decisions made are not based on emotions or frustration but on the effective resolving of your problems..