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Imagine having professionals to personally help and to mentor your needs.

Operating a Florida licensed private investigation agency, security services agency, and personal protection services to make your life better and safer.

Safeguard your family with education training, or hire professional staff to help in executive protection, investigations, and with security services. 

You will receive this information on how to benefit, by scheduling an easy and free no obligation meeting for a quick and most valuable consultation.  

Three Little Mistakes Which Could Cost You”

Looking for good service from a professional operating agency demands 3 critical qualities. Do not make the 3 little mistakes which could cost the results you seek.

The Agency you select should listen carefully to find out exactly what you need.

When you first meet for initial consultation, its a good sign if you do most of the talking. Your issue may be won or lost on just one small detail being overlooked. 

Easy to stay in touch – and be available in order to share in any critical updates. 

An agency to stand up and fight for you. Explaining the what, why and the how.

To help get you what you need, if you want some help getting there.

YOU HAVE FOUND: Licensed professional private investigators with resources to accomplish results with criminal elements against businesses, corporations, or individuals to improve safety measures and limit risk exposure to crime with the investigative, protection, security services, and personal defense training programs.

SERVICES OFFERED: Three divisions to deliver superb services to client(s). The first division is the private investigative agency to offer a multitude of services. The second division is the security operations agency to protect property and the third division is executive / VIP and self protection segments. Self-defense strategies and training tips are being offered to help clients lacking the education or experience.  

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Each division provides you an in-depth survey for guidance to handle alarming rate of fraud or violence, create a plan to assist clients after investigations, or preparing for protection against future conflicts with crime prevention steps for safety, self protection measures and give you peace of mind.

SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS: Experience having solutions to problems, not another product or service. 1st American Protection is qualified to help remove urgent issues. Decisions not based on emotions or frustration, but to resolve problems.

A consultation and evaluation is available. Take action and call for information with a proposal.

The inquiries are addressed with a response and follow up to provide detailed and exhaustive answers for more direction, education, information or instruction. Providing clients with more choices to pragmatic and sound business decisions.

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